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About Us

Manuel Jordán is an ISA Certified Arborist specializing in tree valuation, risk assessment and tree preservation practices. He has worked in the green industry for over 15 years, including serving in the private, municipal and state agency sectors in the green industry.


Mr. Jordán is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and the Minnesota Society of Arboriculture (MSA), where he serves as Chair of the Tree Valuation Committee. He is also an instructor in the field of Arboriculture at Hennepin Technical College in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.


A frequently invited guest speaker, Mr. Jordán has conducted presentations for the International Society of Arboriculture, the Minnesota Landscape & Nursery Association, the Minnesota Shade Tree Advisory Council, the University of Minnesota and others.


Mr. Jordán has been qualified and testified as an expert witness in federal court. His reports have been used to settle cases related to criminal trespass and tree removal, automobile/tree collisions, retail theft, property line neighbor tree disputes and more.


Mr. Jordán received his B.S. in Urban Forestry (1996) with Minors in Forest Resources and Economics, from the University of Minnesota.


Tree Valuations


Trees offer benefits via their beauty, function and commodity value. In fact, trees may account for a considerable percentage of a property’s market value.


Tree appraisal requires a unique combination of arboricultural expertise, knowledge of a variety of appraisal methods and valuation theory, and an ability to communicate effectively. Different situations require different methods, often in combination with each other.


Common situations requiring tree appraisals:


  • Real estate transactions

  • Vehicle impact

  • Wrongful removals

  • Lightning and wind events

  • Vandalism

  • Chemicals

  • Fire

Contributing Factors To Tree Value:


  • Tree Size

  • Tree Species

  • Tree Condition

  • Tree Location

Heritage Shade Tree Consultants rely on years of experience and expertise in the areas of amenity forestry, landscape plant acquisition and actual replacement of large trees. It is this competency, with the variety of appraisal methods that Heritage Shade Tree Consultants brings to its clients.

Tree Risk Assessments


Trees contribute to our enjoyment of the outdoors whether in a forested area a public park or an urban landscape.


Too often, we are unaware of the risks associated with structurally defective trees, which can cause property damage and even personal injury. Trees do not fail at random. Failures are often predictable over a broad range of time.


The art and science of tree risk assessment requires knowledge of tree biology, tree structure and tree mechanics. The consultants at Heritage Shade Tree Consultants possess a high level of experience and comfort recognizing the subtle signs of impending structural failure.


The process of evaluating the risk of an individual tree involves:


  • VISUAL inspection for defects

  • SOUNDING for suspected decay


Formulating a decision involving tree risk involves considering several factors:


  • Number and type of defects

  • Species characteristics

  • Location and extent of decay organisms

  • Characteristics of decay organisms

  • Extent of canopy (crown size)

  • Crown ratio

  • Stem Taper

  • Prevailing wind patterns

  • Target considerations

  • Tree value

  • Owner attitude




Heritage Shade Tree Consultants offer valuable insight and advice to lead you through all stages of plant care from planning and planting, to maintaining and preserving the plants on your property.


During construction activities in and around trees Heritage Shade Tree Consultants can help you decide which landscape trees can be preserved. We will help you determine if a tree should be preserved, the potential impacts on its structural and physical health and how to best protect it. Knowledge of the pros and cons of tree preservation can save future expenses and maximize future survivability of trees severely impacted by construction.


Accurate diagnosis is critical to successfully resolve any plant disorders. Quite often the problem is not an insect or disease, but may be related to the location, establishment or maintenance of the tree in question. Heritage Shade Tree Consultants will identify the problem and recommend ecologically sound management options.


Insect and Disease control requires accurate pathogen identification, knowledge of pathogen life cycles, timing and method of the most environmentally sensitive treatment protocols for predetermined pathogen control levels.


Ecological Services


“Natural” or “Native” landscaping has become a recent trend that is creating small native sustainable ecosystems in urban and suburban areas by merging indigenous plant communities with local site conditions and human needs.


Natural communities in our urban and suburban areas minimize human impact on the area while adding beauty and functionality. Homeowners, developers and public agencies have realized the environmental, economic and aesthetic benefits of natural landscaping.


Creating a sustainable urban landscape is a process that matches clients’ goals and expectations with a plant community that can thrive in the space it’s allotted. To accomplish this we match site characteristics with plant needs to develop a design that, with proper maintenance, will last a lifetime.


Site Evaluation Services


Not sure what trees you have on your property or what condition they’re in? Heritage Shade Tree Consultants can help you manage your property by inventorying your trees, identifying the species and evaluating their condition.


Based on this information, we can develop a management plan that can be as comprehensive as to include soil testing and fertilization, pruning, new plantings, insect and disease management, and more.


Correct species selection is one of the most critical choices that you can make when planning a new planting project. Heritage Shade Tree Consultants can help you make choices that account for the site’s unique geographic location, soil type, sun exposure, topography… In addition other plant-specific factors need to be considered such as, plant insect and disease tolerance, future maintenance requirements, mature size and aesthetic qualities are essential to choose a species that’s right for you situation.


If you need work done on your trees but you don’t know what needs to be done or how much it should cost, Heritage Shade Tree Consultants will evaluate your trees, help you develop appropriate pruning specifications and help you get the work done that you need, balancing plant needs within your budget.

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Manuel Jordán, an ISA Certified Arborist specializing in tree valuation, risk assessment and tree preservation practices.


Address:  6347 Minnewashta Woods Drive, Excelsior, MN 55331

Phone:  (763) 717-9366


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